Transformative Computing

With a focus on fusion between AI and human-driven interfaces, MARKOS automates and augments application usage with machine learning suggestions, making your tasks easier and more efficient. All applications are containerized for added security, and the system is built on the Linux kernel, with a modern window manager and ZFS as the primary file system. MARKOS is built for developers, researchers, or anyone looking for a more intelligent computing experience.

Convergence for all

Desktop, tablet, phone, and miniature screens are now unified. With sizing directives developers can write native applications that look good across every screen size.

Taking advantage of the core API’s built-in features for resource management, your apps can cache, defer, or preload information, enable machine learning, and distribute heavier processing tasks among companion devices that can help out with the heavy lifting.


  • Push an application to your tablet or phone and continue working without interruption.
  • For applications that support it, Push will run the application natively and automatically share the common files and current state.
  • Applications that aren’t supported will be ran on a host computer and streamed across the network with lightning fast app streaming.


Your own cloud services

Keep your own files and information. Actually own your hardware.

Every device you set up on your network can host files or dynamically stream as they’re needed.

  • Document sharing
  • Video and music streaming

You can optionally extend your own cloud into ours where we have helper nodes worldwide that can provide storage or some extra horsepower to give you voice recognition, video streaming, and your personal photo library everywhere you go.


Gravity Core Based on AI

Voice dictation

Speech Synthesis

Machine learning

AI Assistant

For Linux Fans

Support for Linux applications that use X11 and OpenGL.

MARKOS will bring the same powerful gaming to you with Steam support.


While more native applications are currently in development, there is also a compatibility layer for installing and running applications from Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat and Windows systems. These run inside containers and are allocated access to resources as needed.

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